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Environmental policy of Innsbruck Airport

Taking precautions to ensure environmental protection is a substantial element of the business strategy of Tiroler Flughafenbetriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. (Tyrolean Airport Operating Company).

Innsbruck Airport constantly sets new standards in terms of environmental protection, not only in Austria but also across Europe.

  • Innsbruck was Austria's first airport to ban take-offs and landings of noisy Chapter II aircraft already in 1990.
  • Innsbruck is subject to the strictest operating hours among all Austrian commercial airports.
  • Strict interpretation of night flying restrictions (only life-saving organ transplant and ambulance flights are permitted)
  • Noise-reducing approach and landing procedures
  • In 2004 Innsbruck Airport established noise-based landing charges in order to penalize noisy aircraft types.
  • Three noise level meters provide evidence that air traffic at Innsbruck Airport is less noisy than any of Innsbruck's main roads.
  • The number of aircraft movements of scheduled and charter flights has been almost constant since 2000 (even decreasing since 2011).
  • There is an overall cap for aircraft movements (scheduled and charter flights) on weekends during the winter period.
  • Ultralight aircraft are prohibited.
  • Innsbruck was Austria's first airport to introduce an environmental management system and to receive an environmental certificate and is entitled to carry the EU Eco Management logo.
  • Revalidating the EMAS decree in 2012 a new certification according to ISO 14001 was conducted. An external environmental auditor inspects the compliance with these standards annually.
  • In June 2013 Innsbruck Airport gets the EMAS award granted for the second time (after 2007). Therefore Innsbruck Airport is the first airport in Austria to gain such an award already twice.

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