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Innsbruck Airport

About us

Innsbruck Airport is an important economic driver and major factor for Tyrol as a location and in the past few years has turned into a modern service company offering a wide range of services. It serves as representative gateway for passengers arriving in Tyrol, provides impetus for the entire region, plays an important role with regard to the local transport infrastructure, is one of Innsbruck`s largest employers and makes a major contribution to ensuring the competitiveness of the local economy. Innsbruck Airport is operated with utmost consideration for the population and the environment.

Figures & facts


51% Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe (municipal service company)
24,5% Province of Tyrol
24,5% City of Innsbruck

Senior Management
Dipl.-Ing. Marco PERNETTA (Managing Director)
Prokurist Mag. (FH) Patrick DIERICH (Authorised signatory)
Prokurist Helmut WURM (Authorised signatory)

Supervisory Board 
Mag. Dr. Paula STECHER (Chairman)
N.N. (1st Deputy Chairman)
Mag. Sybille REGENSBERGER (2nd Deputy Chairman)

Dr. Michael BRANDL 
Michael CARLI 
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas GASSER
Mag. Hermann MEYSEL
Dipl.-Ing. Helmuth MÜLLER

Representatives of the employees delegated to the supervisory board in accordance with §110 Arbeitsverfassungsgesetz (Labour Constitution Act):
Florian FLUNGER, BSc
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Norbert PROSSER

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