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Peter Norz_Vorfeld Juni17

Pilots information

INN - Föhn - LOWI

Föhn is a typical weather phenomenon in alpine regions and describes a warm, dry windstorm on the leeward side of a mountain range. To assure safety and to improve comfort, it is advisable during Föhn to follow a modified approach to Innsbruck airport. This guide tries to explain to pilots the Föhn-procedures LOWI in detail, in many variants and under various aspects.
It serves to make all the available experience concerning Föhn-LOWI accessible to the public.

Target Groups:

  • Pilots of Airlines
  • Pilots of Business Jets, classic General Aviation, Air Taxi
  • Pilots of small aircraft up to 5,7t

Pilots of gliders, hang-gliders and paragliders are not amongst the target group.

For arrivals from the east, Föhn procedures are designed to take advantage of the fact that the least turbulence can be expected along the Nordkette (northern mountain range). For arrivals from all directions a good option is a visual approach from the West (or initially RNAV approach) along the upper part of the Inn valley straight-in to RWY 08.

Crew room

The new crew room is located on the 1st floor on the airside, above the GAC entrance. Waiting flight crews should use the crew room during a possible waiting time on the airside.

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